About Us

About Us


Ranvir Mohindra

Founder & Principal Consultant
A resident of Texas for over 40 years, Ranvir “Biki” Mohindra has been involved with many issues that are relevant to the South Asian Community living in the United States.

He has published many articles on financial matters including Demonetization, Double Taxation, and Real Estate issues as it relates to Non-Resident Indians.

Mr. Mohindra has been advising NRIs on financial issues since 2010. His expertise is built on personal experiences and access to tax and legal professionals, both in Houston and in India, who can provide additional support to bring you into compliance and protect your assets. He can be reached at 713-805-0915 or biki.mohindra@gmail.com


Pramod Kulkarni

Senior Consultant

Pramod Kulkarni is a professional journalist with a knowledgeable network of experts in financial and corporate sectors in U.S. and India.

He served as an Executive Editor of World Oil and has a wide experience in the energy sector including Oil and Gas Exploration


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